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Welcome to Flaming Mojo, home of Comedy Improv and Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Ready for a night of murder, mischief and mayhem? Come along to one of our Murder Mystery Dinners. What have you got to lose except maybe your life?

Or perhaps you prefer improv? We don't promise you won't die laughing at an Improv show, where everything is completely made up on the spot.

Emma Bowyer

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Nights

Murder is our trade, whether it's a small or large murder, corporate murder of many, a birthday murder or just a good night at the club murder, we can provide the murder of your choice and guarantee an evening of deadly delights and top quality entertainment.

Usually based around a 3-course-meal our actors will tantalise and tease you with a murder. Your table becomes the sleuths that try to solve the whodunnit from the comfort of your seats. No requirements for those that prefer to watch, to get up and perform. Most of you will get out alive!

Business Improv, the perfect antidote for workplace 'bluh' and negativity. 

Work with us to build a stronger more cohesive team, learn new techniques to help develop confidence. We work with clients to develop a toolbox of strategies to enhance communication and adaptability. Perfect for team building and away-days creating a relaxed and fun environment. Suitable for 5 - 25 participants.

Improv Academy - Child & Adult Classes

The most fun and friendly place to learn improv in Hawkes Bay. Our improv classes and workshops are open to everyone, no previous experience of improv, acting or comedy needed. Complete beginners are welcome. Improv is for everyone! We create a warm and supportive atmosphere where you are free to play and be yourself, through blending the art of improvisation with positive psychology.

Improv Academy has been running for over 10 years and has taught hundreds of children and adults the art of improv. 

Confidence and self-belief are two of the most powerful tools you can possess in life

The great news is that with Flaming Mojo's carefully crafted improv techniques, these skills can be learned. After working with us you will feel more confident, resilient and rediscover your sense of fun.

Spark Your Mojo
Spark Your Mojo

Inflame Your Confidence
Inflame Your Confidence

Fire Up Your Motivation
Fire Up Your Motivation

So what are you waiting for? Book a Murder Dinner or Improv Show Now.

Contact us now and start exercising those laughter muscles .


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