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Flaming Mojo Improv
Unlock your creativity with a confidence building improv course or workshop

Confidence Coaching

Internationally trained improviser and teacher Emma Bowyer has developed the Improv Academy and is excited to bring it to Hawkes Bay. Combining the art of improvisation and positive psychology to engage and build students confidence and resilience within a safe and supportive environment.

If you've been to Auckland, you may have seen her in Waiheke Comedy's improv shows and in her various other teaching and performing activities over the years.

Emma trained as an actor/director at the Arden School of Theatre in the UK, where she honed her skills in theatre, but always with a passion for comedy and improv.

What would you be doing in the Improv Academy courses?

Well, if you've seen the TV show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" then you pretty much have the idea.

We play lots of theatre and improvisation based games that help build confidence, resilience and communication skills. Oh, and most importantly you have lots of fun!

You may even get the opportunity to develop and try out some Stand-Up material, but no pressure.

Who is improv for?

Improv is for everyone, we offer child and adult classes.The classes are a safe and supportive environment that makes even the shyest of people feel comfortable and at home. Emma is an expert in generating confidence, creativity, and laughter.

So what are you waiting for?

Book Now for some confidence-boosting fun! 

It's creative, sociable, funny, and empowering.


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